About Us

About Us


We are committed to providing quality healthcare to people from all walks of life regardless of Race, Religion, Sexuality & Economic status. We strive to treat every patient with respect, care and integrity as we would our own family members.


To meet the medical needs of our patients by providing a comprehensive panel of medical services that aid in prevention and treatment of disease.


  • Excellence:We strive to provide quality healthcare to patients in the community to improve their physical and mental health.

  • Diversity: We provide care to patients of all nationalities, religions, economic status, and sexuality.

  • Compassion:We value serving those in vulnerable populations to ensure their primary medical needs are met.

  • Teamwork:We work together as collaboratively as a healthcare team to improve the needs of patients.

We Are Committed to Providing Accessible, Comprehensive, High Quality Primary and Preventive Care Services, Toll Free Number :

Working Hours

Our 24 hour hotline is available for you to reach out and talk to someone.

  • MON – FRI 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • EMAIL info@continuouscarecenter.com
  • PHONE (844) 762-3701